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Brian is first and foremost a nerd in every way shape and form. He likes to compare himself to a black hole, consuming any and every form of entertainment unlucky enough to get caught in his gravitational pull. It's not uncommon on any given day for him to read a couple comics, settle down with a good book, watch a few movies (inside and out of the theater), catch up on his ever growing but never depleting Hulu queue, challenge himself with a few good video games, listen to any music he can get his hands on and, of course, write his heart out. He spends every waking moment dreaming up interesting and intriguing concepts and ideas that will hopefully one day inspire and entertain anyone looking for an escape from their daily lives. Graduating from Full Sail University in good old humid Florida, Brian currently lives and works in New York City and is waiting for the day when all he has to do is wake up and create something unique and new for people to enjoy. He is always in the process of writing scripts and stories and is constantly on the lookout for ways to enhance and build his creative drive. After all, life is just one big story, all that really matters is how you strive to make it the best story possible. Disclaimer: Brian does not actually have powdered green skin in case anyone was wondering. A Skrull I am not. Blame the guys at the Color Run for this one.


Love and Too Much Laughter

Thor: Love and Thunder

Jul 31, 2022Comments off

I’m all for fun and games in my superhero movies, but maybe we need to pump the brakes on making Thor a complete joke moving


Stephen King-lite

The Black Phone

Jul 19, 2022Comments off

Ethan Hawke can keep playing villains after this one cuz he’s fucking terrifying and I’m so down for it! Set during the late 1970s, Black Phone takes place in


To Mediocrity and Beyond!


Jul 19, 2022Comments off

If this was Andy’s favorite movie when he was a kid, then he needs to expand his film horizons. The “origin” story for the Buzz


Jurassic Bore

Jurassic World Dominion

Jul 19, 2022Comments off

So apparently life found a way to turn this sequel into a steaming pile of dino dung… The concluding chapter in the Jurassic World franchise, Jurassic World Dominion (no


Top Of The Class

Top Gun: Maverick

Jun 30, 2022Comments off

Say what you will about Tom Cruise in real life, but, boy, does he know how to make a movie. Set 36 years after the


Meh-nacing Men


Jun 28, 2022Comments off

I’m all for weird movies and vague allusions, but this one tested my patience more than I expected. Following the sudden suicide of her husband,


Into the Multiverse of Meh-ness

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Jun 28, 2022Comments off

I think this one was the muddled mess we all thought Spider-Man: No Way Home was gonna be. Yikes… Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness follows Doctor


Bearable, Massive, and Talented

The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent

May 23, 2022Comments off

Nicolas Cage has said that he never wants to retire from acting, and after seeing this film, that’s fine by me! A meta-movie that sees


The Secrets of Fumble-Dore

Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore

May 23, 2022Comments off

And here I thought this franchise was something that would eventually come into its own… Continuing the exploits of a wizard named Newt Scamander (Eddie


Solid Sonic

Sonic the Hedgehog 2

May 17, 2022Comments off

If you were a fan of the original movie, then odds are you’ll like this one just fine. If you weren’t, well, there’s always Detective Pikachu to