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Carolyn (Notline) Maher’s love of independent film can be traced back to her first job working at an independent theater in Cary, NC (RIP Galaxy Cinema). After volunteering to project films during the Cucalorus Film Festival she became a staff member at the festival for the next three years while completing her degree in Film Studies at UNC Wilmington. She continues to work with Cucalorus in various capacities, most recently as their Filmmaker Lounge Coordinator. After moving to New York City she jumped into the world of commercial post-production for nearly 3 years. During those first few years in the city she produced the feature-length documentary, TRICHSTER, and made the move into producing full time. Carolyn now works as a producer for One Glass Video, a Brooklyn-based production company that specializes in short-form content. She is also currently producing a feature-length “no budget” film titled MEME and sometimes makes micro stop motion animations. The Maher family motto is "in periculis audax" which means “bold in danger.”


Instant Romantic Classic


Feb 23, 2016Comments off

You don’t need to have gone through the trials of relocating to relate to Brooklyn’s central conflict between an unsure new risk and the comfort


Holocaust Capitalization

Son Of Saul

Feb 08, 2016Comments off

With a tragic grace, Son of Saul tells a deeply personal story while constantly but subtly reminding you of the overwhelming scale of the Holocaust.


Emotion Animated


Jan 31, 2016Comments off

Anomolisa, beautiful, moving, impeccably crafted Anomolisa. Very rarely can films be so hauntingly heart wrenching and uncomfortably engaging. Yet in its dreamy, stop-motion realism Anomolisa