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The disappointment David Wappel experienced as a child when he found out that archeology was nothing like Raiders of The Lost Ark cannot be measured. (Also, dinosaurs cannot be made from old mosquitoes in amber…yet. He's still holding out for that one.) Rather than turning his back on the dreams of adventures, he decided to pursue their creation. Earning degrees in both Philosophy and Film Studies during undergrad studies at UNCW, he read, wrote, watched, produced, shot and voraciously consumed source texts from great thinkers and filmmakers alike, often unable to distinguish between the two. David combines his love of filmmaking and improv with his improvised film project, Lightning In A Bottle, which he is hoping to develop into an ongoing web series. You can follow David on twitter at davidwappel, but also secretly at ScriptByShakes, where he (poorly) tranlates movie lines into the Elizabethan tongue.


Don't Cry

SCREENPLAY: The Crying Game

Jul 09, 2016Comments off

Before delving into my review of this screenplay, let me first illuminate you to my preconceptions of what I was about to read. When I


Sharp as Teeth

SCREENPLAY: The Ghost and The Darkness

Jul 02, 2016Comments off

William Goldman’s screenplay for The Ghost and The Darkness is, visually, a feast. Detailed descriptions abound in his script, but never overpower the extremely tight narrative, which


Lost Arc

Beasts of No Nation

Nov 13, 2015Comments off

This film is hard to watch…in a good way. I don’t mean that it’s hard to watch because it is poorly made, incoherent, or boring. I


Hold(s) Up

Lookback: Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Ki...

Nov 07, 2015Comments off

Sometimes a movie is so subtle in its storytelling, that you don’t see it right away. The real stakes are not evident from the start,


Lucky Girl


Oct 28, 2015Comments off

I almost want to give two separate ratings for this script. One for the script I thought I was reading, and one for the script