Blog: Comfort Artists

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Do you ever specifically go to the movies for a reason other than the draw of the film itself? Ever listen to an album from

Blog: Two Tones: How Music Affects The Film...

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When you go to the movies the first elements of a film that you critique are easy: the acting, direction, visual effects, story, script, characters

Blog: The Runtime Conundrum

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When it comes to watching films, we all want to get the most out of our time. Whether we’re watching an insanely gripping and emotionally

Blog: Oculus Rift: A Ten-Minute Hands-On Fi...

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It’s no secret that I’m overly excited about the future of virtual reality and the tech behind it – I wrote as much about it

Blog: Film Trailers: Selling the Experience...

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Trailers are obviously nothing new to the industry, film or otherwise. They help advertise the best and most exhilarating parts of an upcoming project or

Blog: Stop, Collaborate and Listen

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Being creative is more often than not a singular, personal experience. A lot of times us creative types like to hole ourselves in our rooms,

Blog: Film Adaptations and Why We Can’t H...

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I finally got a chance to see The Dark Tower the other day, you know, the newest adaptation of yet another great Stephen King novel,

Blog: Soundtracks and the Creative Element

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Music in films and television is nothing new. Orchestral scores or the simplest tones of a few instruments even less so, and we all know

Blog: Creative Learning Through Popular Ent...

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When it comes to consuming entertainment I’m a black hole, a swirling vortex of want and need that sucks up anything and everything in its

Blog: Living Inside The Story: Why VR Is Th...

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Oculus Rift. HTC Vive. Playstation VR. To some they’re just toys, another gimmick to liberate consumers’ hard earned cash from their wallets, a fad that’ll