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Light(ning) It Up!


Apr 09, 2019No Comments

This is my favorite DC comic based film in a while. Other DC films take note! Based on the comic book character of the same


Us or Them


Mar 26, 2019No Comments

Jordan Peele might have started off making people laugh, but man, does he know how to scare the crap out of people too. Peele’s second


Captain Meh-vel

Captain Marvel

Mar 17, 2019No Comments

Wonder Woman this film is not, so if you expected something similar quality-wise, you’re out of luck. Taking place way back in the 90s (almost


Live. Die. Repeat.

Happy Death Day 2U

Feb 19, 2019No Comments

These Groundhog Day-esque films always seem to have something new to explore with this idea, and I can’t seem to get enough! A follow-up to


A Solid Build

The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part

Feb 13, 2019No Comments

I won’t say that I didn’t need this sequel (I did), but I also won’t say that it’s the sequel I necessarily wanted either. Taking




Jan 23, 2019No Comments

If you were hoping for a satisfying conclusion to the Unbreakable trilogy, maybe you should sit this one out. Following in the footsteps of Unbreakable


Transformed For The Better


Dec 26, 2018No Comments

Now this is how you do a Transformers film right! Set in the late 80s with a trimmed down narrative focus centering around a single member


Low Quality H20


Dec 20, 2018No Comments

This film is almost as bad as the Green Lantern movie…almost. Aquaman, the newest comic book adaptation from the studio that ruined Justice League (I’m


Ultimate Spider-Man

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Dec 18, 2018No Comments

This may be (read: is) the best Spider-Man film ever made, and I’ll *thwip* you in the face as many times as I have to


Wi-Fi Connected!

Ralph Breaks the Internet

Nov 29, 2018No Comments

If I could get another sequel to this one in less than six years that’d be great! Actually taking place a full six years after