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Marcel the Shell with Good Reviews

Marcel the Shell with Shoes On

Sep 26, 2022Comments off

Leave it to A24 to produce yet another movie I didn’t know I wanted. And one about a talking shell, no less! Marcel the Shell


One Way Ticket

Bullet Train

Sep 20, 2022Comments off

And this is why we don’t put too much of a movie into the trailers because, in this film’s case, they actually did more justice


The Bestest Super Boys

DC League of Super-Pets

Sep 07, 2022Comments off

I don’t know if we necessarily needed this movie, but I’m kinda glad we got it anyway! A side franchise that tells a story from




Sep 07, 2022Comments off

Well, this is one way to do something different with the UFO genre, and I’m all for it! Set on a Hollywood horse ranch that’s


Love and Too Much Laughter

Thor: Love and Thunder

Jul 31, 2022Comments off

I’m all for fun and games in my superhero movies, but maybe we need to pump the brakes on making Thor a complete joke moving


Stephen King-lite

The Black Phone

Jul 19, 2022Comments off

Ethan Hawke can keep playing villains after this one cuz he’s fucking terrifying and I’m so down for it! Set during the late 1970s, Black Phone takes place in


To Mediocrity and Beyond!


Jul 19, 2022Comments off

If this was Andy’s favorite movie when he was a kid, then he needs to expand his film horizons. The “origin” story for the Buzz


Jurassic Bore

Jurassic World Dominion

Jul 19, 2022Comments off

So apparently life found a way to turn this sequel into a steaming pile of dino dung… The concluding chapter in the Jurassic World franchise, Jurassic World Dominion (no


Top Of The Class

Top Gun: Maverick

Jun 30, 2022Comments off

Say what you will about Tom Cruise in real life, but, boy, does he know how to make a movie. Set 36 years after the


Meh-nacing Men


Jun 28, 2022Comments off

I’m all for weird movies and vague allusions, but this one tested my patience more than I expected. Following the sudden suicide of her husband,