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The hype train: it’s the entertainment industry’s best and worst tool in helping generate buzz for a new product. Whether
Do you ever specifically go to the movies for a reason other than the draw of the film itself? Ever
When you go to the movies the first elements of a film that you critique are easy: the acting, direction,
When it comes to watching films, we all want to get the most out of our time. Whether we’re watching
It’s no secret that I’m overly excited about the future of virtual reality and the tech behind it – I
Trailers are obviously nothing new to the industry, film or otherwise. They help advertise the best and most exhilarating parts
Being creative is more often than not a singular, personal experience. A lot of times us creative types like to
I finally got a chance to see The Dark Tower the other day, you know, the newest adaptation of yet
Music in films and television is nothing new. Orchestral scores or the simplest tones of a few instruments even less
When it comes to consuming entertainment I’m a black hole, a swirling vortex of want and need that sucks up