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A Convoluted Mess
Aiden holding up a cat while Elly looks on horrified


Feb 15, 2024Comments off

This film is so bad that I watched two people get up and leave before the credits rolled, and I seriously considered going with them.


A Soggy Swim
Main character suspended underwater

Night Swim

Jan 10, 2024Comments off

Who thought a movie about a haunted pool would ever become a thing? Now, whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing is a


A Watery Grave
Aquaman standing in front of snowy stairs

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom

Jan 08, 2024Comments off

At least this was a better bad movie than the first Aquaman! Too bad it’s the official end of the DCEU, though. Set a few years


A Wish Come True
Asha surrounded by wish orbs


Jan 06, 2024Comments off

This movie was done dirty during its initial release, so for the love of Walt Disney, watch it when it premieres on Disney+! Specifically made


Be Thankful For This One
John Carver standing with his back turned with an axe


Jan 04, 2024Comments off

I’m thankful for holiday-themed horror movies like this one because who doesn’t like a little bit of maiming and murdering around the time of the


Marvelously Mediocre
Ms Marvel, Captain Marvel and Monica Rambeau standing side by side

The Marvels

Jan 03, 2024Comments off

For as bad a year as the MCU has had creatively, this movie is much better than expected, and that’s saying something. A sequel to


Five Failures at Freddy's
Freddy and his friends standing in a line

Five Nights at Freddy’s

Jan 03, 2024Comments off

I’m all for bringing video game franchises into the movie space, but I’m just not entirely sure this is a great example of what the


Stop And Smell These Flowers
DiCaprio looking at DeNiro in an old car from the 20s

Killers of the Flower Moon

Jan 03, 2024Comments off

It’s good to know that Martin Scorsese still has it in him to create something as beautiful as it is brutal. Taking place in the


Don't Believe In This
Two possessed girls looking to the sky sitting back to back

The Exorcist: Believer

Dec 27, 2023Comments off

I’m all for legacy films like this one, but unfortunately for fans of this long-running horror franchise, this entry simply wasn’t worth the watch. Following


Saw's Back!
John Kramer aka Jigsaw staring at audiences in a blue light

Saw X

Dec 27, 2023Comments off

This franchise won’t stay dead, and this time around, that isn’t an entirely bad thing! A sequel that’s a prequel that fits right in between