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War Never Changes
Kirsten Dunst looking from behind her camera in Civil War

Civil War

Apr 24, 2024Comments off

This one was rough to watch, given the state of America nowadays, but it’s hands down a film worth experiencing. Set in a very near


Monkey Madness
Kid looking determined at the camera behind a purple veil

Monkey Man

Apr 23, 2024Comments off

John Wick, this is not, but it does a damn good job of trying to live up to that film’s standards, and I’m here for


Kaiju Crazy
Godzilla and Kong running at the screen ready for battle movie still

Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire

Apr 19, 2024Comments off

At least this one is better than Godzilla vs. Kong, and fortunately, that’s saying a lot, considering how disappointing that film was. Set three years


Tune Into This
Late Night with the Devil cast crowded around young girl strapped to a chair

Late Night with the Devil

Apr 19, 2024Comments off

I almost wonder if seeing this one at home in the dead hours of the night might have made the viewing experience even better, you


A Frozen Failure
Ghostbusters in a car looking surprised while looking out the windshield

Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire

Apr 11, 2024Comments off

This franchise is going in the wrong direction, and after such a stellar legacy sequel in 2021’s Ghostbusters: Afterlife, that’s a big disappointment. Continuing the paranormal


As It Was Written
Chani touching Paul Atreides' cheek as they look at one another

Dune Part Two

Apr 04, 2024Comments off

I still don’t know if I care for the overall world of Dune, but I won’t complain if these movies keep getting made. I hear there


Web of Lies
The cast of Madame Webb in a subway station looking confused

Madame Web

Mar 25, 2024Comments off

I think the biggest travesty (out of many) in this one came in the form of what the production thought a Metro North train to


A Convoluted Mess
Aiden holding up a cat while Elly looks on horrified


Feb 15, 2024Comments off

This film is so bad that I watched two people get up and leave before the credits rolled, and I seriously considered going with them.


A Soggy Swim
Main character suspended underwater

Night Swim

Jan 10, 2024Comments off

Who thought a movie about a haunted pool would ever become a thing? Now, whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing is a


A Watery Grave
Aquaman standing in front of snowy stairs

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom

Jan 08, 2024Comments off

At least this was a better bad movie than the first Aquaman! Too bad it’s the official end of the DCEU, though. Set a few years