A Middling Voyage
A monstrous Dracula screaming in the rain

The Last Voyage of the Demeter

Nov 27, 2023Comments off

Dracula deserves new takes on his iconic story in the movie space, I’m just bummed this one only got it half right. Adapting “The Captain’s


Rise and Shine

Evil Dead Rise

May 11, 2023Comments off

I’m so glad some people can’t resist opening skin-bound books of pure evil because then we wouldn’t get decent horror movies like this one! Taking


Scream VI movie still backtothepicture.net

Scream VI

Mar 24, 2023Comments off

This one had me at the edge of my seat all the way through… and then the third act came around and almost ruined my


Answer the Door

Knock at the Cabin

Mar 02, 2023Comments off

M. Night Shyamalan movies are hit or miss nowadays, so it’s a good thing this one isn’t half bad! Set in a secluded cabin in


Evil Finally Died Tonight!

Halloween Ends

Jan 05, 2023Comments off

This new rebooted Halloween trilogy had a lot going for it up until this and the last sequel came out. What happened here, people??? After inexplicably surviving


Crooked Grin


Jan 05, 2023Comments off

Kudos to the marketing department for this one because who knew people smiling could be so creepy! Focusing on therapist Rose Cotter (Sosie Bacon) after


Don't RSVP

The Invitation

Nov 16, 2022Comments off

I gotta be honest I only saw this movie because I had nothing better to do, and after walking out of the theater, I should


Watch This Watch This Watch This

Bodies Bodies Bodies

Nov 04, 2022Comments off

It seems like original horror content is on the rise as of late, and I’m happy to say this film is one of the best




Sep 07, 2022Comments off

Well, this is one way to do something different with the UFO genre, and I’m all for it! Set on a Hollywood horse ranch that’s


Stephen King-lite

The Black Phone

Jul 19, 2022Comments off

Ethan Hawke can keep playing villains after this one cuz he’s fucking terrifying and I’m so down for it! Set during the late 1970s, Black Phone takes place in