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Devin is a film school graduate, freelance filmmaker and photographer. In his spare time he enjoys writing scripts but has an annoying tendency to never get them finished. Its become more therapeutic then career chasing. He loves cinema. Both small screen and big screen, foreign and domestic, if its good he will support it. If bad he will destroy it. If mediocre he will give it a stern MEH. As a film reviewer, he prefers a personal approach backed by facts and technical observation to create his own voice. He hopes you listen or read and enjoy what you absorb.


This Grenade is NO Dud

Hacksaw Ridge

Nov 13, 2016Comments off

Opening this review softly would do the Hacksaw Ridge a grave injustice so I won’t do that.  Mel Gibson, with this film, has fully refreshed


Ugly Scars Can Bear Beauty

The Birth of a Nation

Oct 26, 2016Comments off

Pain. This is an avenue of expression the essence of which is RARE to find in the motion picture arts.  Think of the many thousands


Turd or Golden Nugget?

Swiss Army Man

Jul 05, 2016Comments off

Get ready for a deep dive into perverse loneliness that you can laugh at raucously while still seeing how depraved this story really is.  Swiss


Slave to the whims of its Director

Free State of Jones

Jun 28, 2016Comments off

Free State of Jones is a film with the potential to be great, yet tumbled to just decent to watch.  The subject matter is complex



Now You See Me 2

Jun 27, 2016Comments off

Now You See Me was a big surprise.  Most people I know thought it would be another garbage heap churned out of the system.  The shock



The Nice Guys

Jun 09, 2016Comments off

Lets start out by pointing out that this was my #1 most anticipated film of the year.  I mean above EVERYTHING else that has come


Bumblebee Tights & Fitness Advice!

Me Before You

Jun 09, 2016Comments off

Me Before You is an adapted screenplay of a novel by the same name.  Interestingly enough, a rare occurrence happened where the novelist, Jojo Moyes,



The Jungle Book – Devin

Apr 20, 2016Comments off

We get to dive right into the jungle from the opening CG castle and get transported right into the trees. To truly appreciate this film,


Making the Cut

Barbershop: The Next Cut

Apr 20, 2016Comments off

Barbershop’s 3rd installment (no, Beauty Shop doesn’t count) was a film I went in to see with moderate to low expectations, and I’m finding more



Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Mar 13, 2016Comments off

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot drops you right into an opening scene that within 1 minute, lets you know exactly what this movie is going to be.