Dull on the Nile

Death on the Nile

Mar 01, 2022Comments off

I like me a good murder mystery, but something about this one just didn’t click for me. Set a few years after the events of


Jackasses Until The End

Jackass Forever

Feb 26, 2022Comments off

So who had odds on an entertainment series that puts bodily fluids, wiener abuse, and all other kinds of physical harm front and center for




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Over twenty years later and Scream’s shtick still works…mostly. Set twenty-five years after the events of the original movie, this sequel — also for some reason


Resurrected and Reused

The Matrix: Resurrections

Jan 13, 2022Comments off

So I can’t necessarily say this is a good movie, but to me, it’s already an underrated one that deserves way more credit than it’s


Multiversally Magnificent

Spider-Man: No Way Home

Jan 13, 2022Comments off

No idea how this movie wasn’t an overstuffed train-wreck, so whatever happened to make it as good as it was needs to be distilled down,


Ghostly Good

Ghostbuster: Afterlife

Dec 14, 2021Comments off

Now, this is how you do a reboot/sequel decades after the fact right! Set in a sleepy Oklahoma town years after the original Ghostbusters have


Hallowed Halloween

Halloween Kills

Nov 12, 2021Comments off

So I thought this film was fine, but boy does it do some things narratively that I wish it hadn’t. Taking place directly after the


Devilishly Dumb

The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It

Jun 23, 2021Comments off

The devil may have made the characters in this movie do it, but who in the hell made the filmmakers greenlight this threequel? What a